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Work with something new

Maybe its time to star to work with something new? Yes sometimes its good to star doing something new, that can give us more energy and help us to enjoy our work. It can be that we start to go a course that can make us available to work with something new within our company, or maybe we want to do something completely different and maybe going back to school is a better idea.
The good thing is that there are so many options that we have and that can help us. So we can do so much depending on what ...


How long have you had your cell phone asking a friend? Well, maybe for six years now. It is not true, he replied. Have you had it so long? Yes it's true I answered and I began to explain that if one thing is still working then surely it is unnecessary to replace it. He thought I was joking, but realized when I took up my old phone that it was no joke. It is no longer sold and no one he felt was a similar one. Well maybe five years ago there were few who had that model. He ...